Social Leaders Aqaba

  • About the program

    The program will be structured as a 5-days mix of training sessions, seminars, workshops and fieldwork to develop the necessary skills to become social leaders. It will provide the participants with both the theoretical framework about how to develop, market, raise funds and manage a social business, as well as an in-depth into practical implementation though voluntary work for the support of the local communities in underprivileged areas in Aqaba Governorate.

    The program will also aim to enhance the exchange of ideas and experiences between the participants in a way of bridging the gap between youth coming from different regions and cultural backgrounds. Thanks to the program the participants will learn how to develop their own social initiatives and will build a network of young social leaders to implement their own international projects in the future. The program sees itself as a springboard towards more cooperation and collaboration among global youth to foster social changes and social development in their respective countries as well as globally.

    Alongside the training and volunteering components, the program will also provide cultural activities to get to know better the countries represented in the program. We will organize a cultural night where the three delegations can present the folklore of each country (i.e. traditions, music, dances, tales, customs, folk history etc.) and an international food night where each delegation will present a traditional dish that represents their country and its culture. Together with these events, several more activities will be organized during the training sessions to encourage interaction and connection building among the participants. Furthermore, the delegations will have the chance to visit two of the most famous Jordanian touristic attractions during their stay, Petra and Wadi Rum.