Women for Business 2019

  • In April 2020, our CSR Division in partnership with the Chinese Academy of Science Innovation and Investment, FutureLink, BoluChina and Mobsting will implement the Women for Business program. The program will provide a unique opportunity for 10 women entrepreneurs and business leaders from the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to travel to Chengdu, China and meet prominent Chinese women entrepreneurs for a 1-week program. The program will be composed of workshops, seminars, round table discussions, field visits to start-up incubators and advanced enterprises. The aim of the program is to enable impactful discussions among the participants to stimulate the creation of personal and professional connections for the benefit of the businesses represented. In addition to this, the program will have a strong cultural component allowing the exchange between the cultures of the Middle East and China. Moreover, the visiting entrepreneurs will have the chance to see the main touristic sights in Chengdu.

    Overall, the program aims to be an opportunity that will pave the way for further cooperation between the Middle East and China in support of women economic inclusion and gender equality.