Women Hub

  • Al Me’rad Women Empowerment Forum will provide a safe space for personal education and vocational training that can additionally be used for networking and building further skills for women in the area. The forum aims to promote new talents in women through workshops and other professional skill development activities to enhance their capabilities and support them in their career growth or in the establishment of home-based business. The Forum will also host a sustainable bazar where the women can present and sell to the public their creations and products. Moreover, taking into account the conservative environment of the village, the Women Empowerment Forum’s objective is to create a space for women in the area to meet and perform interactive activities including reading books, watching educational documentaries and interacting in dialogue sessions with guest speakers.

    The project aims to encourage the civil society of Al Me’rad and Jerash to support its economy by manufacturing local products that Jordan is famous for. Through this project we strive to promote a productive environment as well as to support sustainable development and enhance social well-being. More than 50 women from the community will benefit from the establishment of the Forum and with time this number will increase with the development of the project.