Business for a Cause is an initiative that aims at strengthening the impact of CSR Al Ahli in the realm of social entrepreneurship. It is a yearly conference that builds on the principles of sustainability, leadership and entrepreneurship in a more compact manner. 

Participants are exposed to the latest updates on social entrepreneurship in the region through inter-sectoral dialogue that widens their horizons in order to initiate a social initiative. Team building is a main pillar in the conference, as participants work in teams to move forward and build pilots for their proposed ideas. After this stage, the patricipants are encouraged to refine there ideas and turn them into a concrete businesses over the next five weeks. During this period, teams are offered guidance and mentorship by a number of well respected business experts.

The three-day conference and workshop establishes the basis for information sharing and networking among the participants and relevant members from the private sector who can support their growth. Various valuable topics are covered during the conference such as project planning, business strategy, innovation and social impact.


  • Raise awareness of social entrepreneurship.
  • Promote social entrepreneurship as a viable career option.
  • Build foundations of knowledge on how to start a social enterprise.
  • Inspire youth to become active social entrepreneurs.
  • Create a network of social entrepreneurs.


  • It helps create a new generation of social entrepreneurs.
  • It helps the youth positively engage with communities by creating businesses that tackle different societal problems.
  • Guides the participants in developing sustainable businesses that will positively contribute to their society while helping them generate income.
  • Creates new job opportunities.