The latest initiative in the CSR Al Ahli portfolio is the Social Leaders program. It has the primary mission of catalyzing innovative social change in the Middle East through self-motivated youth. The program's aim is to transform them into leaders who empower their communities, and proactively use sustainable development solutions to solve everyday life challenges.

This program offers a professional-led workshops for young people aged between 17-32 through intensive training delivered on basic leadership and project management techniques. A specific focus is in favor of tuning participants’ sense of social responsibility through building their awareness about complex issues like the Sustainable Development Goals. Participants are trained on how to recognize opportunities for social initiatives, through a creative and a problem-solving-based approach.


  • Develop leadership skills and promote community engagement
  • Develop understanding of complex social issues and global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how to contribute to their achievement
  • Develop youth creativity and innovation in problem solving
  • Develop community-based and grassroots initiatives involving the community in the development process
  • Exchange of experiences among participants and from the training materials and trainers’ experiences
  • Active participation in the creation of social projects using leadership and soft skills learned
  • Encouraging the new generation to practice social responsibility towards their country