Women for Business is an unprecedented educational and multicultural program aiming to promote the economic and social empowerment of women through the formation of multidisciplinary teams to develop social initiatives.

The program has provided training to build individual leadership skills, identify social business opportunities, understand the concept of CSR, and develop entrepreneurial skills.

Throughout different training modules and interactive teamwork, the participants were able to expand their interpersonal skills, plan marketing and finance strategies, develop public speaking skills, and become familiar with the social entrepreneurship sphere and business development.

This fourth program in the CSR Al Ahli Portfolio is focused on highlighting the role of women as skilled economic contributors, as well as proactive solution-builders for the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals. The intensive training delivers leadership and entrepreneurial skills, along with the ability to identify particular social business opportunities with the highest potential impact.


  • Ensure that all women acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.
  • Provide a rich environment for cultural exchange and constructive relationships to help bridge the gap between women from different regions and cultures.
  • Provide women with a unique educational and personal experience and create a world-wide women network.
  • Develop critical entrepreneurial skills through participation in projects formulated during the workshops.
  • Foster women creativity and identify potential business opportunities for them.
  • Raise the awareness about the importance of innovation and promote entrepreneurship as a rewarding and honorable career option for women.
  • Enhance knowledge, awareness, and understanding of CSR practices among women from different countries.
  • Develop teamwork skills from the project development work.
  • Spread the understanding about the important aspects of diversity and equality in business practices.


  • Develop a successful business that supports women with the marketing plan and put it into action.
  • Understand the concept of business model.
  • Finance the venture by acquiring start-up capital.
  • Develop the strategy and the organizational structure of their business.
  • Learn how to work in teams and how to conduct a market research.
  • Manage general business operations and accounting activities.
  • Learn how to recruit, hire, train, manage, and motivate employees.
  • Understand the proceeding for international trade.
  • Understand key aspects in dealing with other cultures.